Written by
Tatiana Christy
Illustrated by
Gergina Radeva

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About the Book
The Adventures or the Little Witch is a great release from Blue Bay Books.

It is written in beautiful rhymes and tells a story about a little witch, called Yory, who lives on an enchanted island, lost in a stormy sea. In this book, filled with incredible illustrations, the reader will find out about the adventures of a little witch, who was born with a good heart but taught to do evil. Many interesting, magical, and sometimes scary things happen on the island, but there is only one way to find out about them. Read on!

The book is the first installment from the Stories from the Enchanted Island book series and is appropriate for ages 5 and up.
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Blue Bay Books bring you inspiring and captivating stories in a beauti-fully rich language. They stir your imagination, taking the readers, big or small, to the enchanted world of great children’s literature.

Book Excerpts - This is how the story begins:

You may believe me or may not
but, truly, there's a magic island
a place no one could ever spot,
a place that keeps its secrets silent.
It's in a large and stormy sea
that is a part of a big ocean,
and on the map no one could see
this place so lost in waters' motion.

This land has strange and scary creatures
who roam in forests filled with rustle.
This island also harbors witches
who fly around in constant hustle.
Here, beings - seen or quite unknown -
are doing their magic duties -
from witty elves and an old gnome,
to nymphs and other magic beauties.”

Copyright 2006 Blue Bay Books